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Access to data

Access is provided to secure data, 24/7, for all our clients. Our IT reporting systems have been developed, and continue to evolve, to provide instant and flexible access to a full range of information.  So whether office based or on the move, publishers have online access to full sales information, analysis and reporting, as well as providing key operational visibility of orders, inventory control and despatch. Clients can therefore view, manage and monitor products through every stage of the distribution process. In conjunction and collaboration with our Clients, we continue to develop our systems to meet changing Publisher requirements through regular workshops and training days.

We have a range of system applications available to Publishers, please read below for information related to these:



A bespoke application developed in conjunction with our Publishers, providing web based real time access to customer, stock and sales information. This system can be accessed via laptop, tablet or smart phone and is securely managed via individual user profiles that are password protected.

The enquiries are presented as easy to follow web pages, in a read only format. The application design provides user-friendly navigation around the data screens.

In addition, the data is presented with multiple filters, allowing the user to quickly drill down to the information required and with the data field sort buttons to aid access and sorting. The information can be downloaded to Excel from the web screens, to enable the building of simple reports.

Clients can specify how each user is set up to enable or disable access to each enquiry screen.

  • Available 24/7 via internet
  • Requires no prior knowledge of Vista
  • Easy look and feel to screen layouts
  • Screens designed to maximise the amount of data displayed
  • Option to download CSV data to Excel from the web screens
  • Enables the building of simple reports through filters
  • User-friendly navigation around the data screens (tab and click buttons)
  • Multiple filters allow data drill down as required
  • Column header sort buttons
  • Integrated ‘help’ at button and screen level
  • Individual user access privileges
  • Title and customer enquiries
  • Invoice and Analysis enquiries


Vista software provides both a valuable on-line enquiry and a wide range of standard and bespoke reports. The On-line enquiries offer a comprehensive set of screens at title, customer and analysis level providing information on sales, dues and stock. The software features filters, sort, export to Excel etc.

The wide range of reports covers every aspect of book distribution in terms of products and customers with a range of flexible reporting options. Reports can be provided in a range of formats such as CSV and PDF.

The Vista Client software can be downloaded HERE




A reports portal that is an Internet based solution allowing Publishers secure, direct and instant access to their reports. Reports can be browsed on demand and downloaded, emailed or printed for off- line access. Search facilities are available across multiple reports and date ranges.

  • Reports are automatically added to Review each time they are run (access therefore immediate)
  • Historical versions are kept for a period for time
  • Reports are held on our servers which means publishers don't need to keep copies
  • Access is via password protected logins, this ensures publisher data is secure
  • Search, sort and organisation facilities assist in managing reports
  • Reports can be downloaded from ReView at any time


Publishers have a suite of standard reports that they can select from to meet their individual requirements.


Business Intelligence

Data warehouse is the generic term for data held in a database and is accessed by our powerful reporting tool: Business Objects. Raw data is uploaded at each day end and includes sales, dues, stock and extensive supporting information. Business Objects 4.0 web allows the user to draw on the data and construct reports with tables and graphs. Reports can be saved and refreshed manually or scheduled to run automatically and sent out via email to multiple recipients.

In addition to the data stored on the data warehouse we also have a facility that enables us to import data from other sources. This data can be used in conjunction with the data generated from distribution systems to provide a combined global report of activity worldwide. The import is not constrained to products held on the PRH distribution system which means products not sold from the UK can be included.