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Credit Services

Credit Control

Our Credit Services Department is divided into specialist teams looking after key accounts, digital, medium and smaller UK and International customers. It manages a worldwide sales ledger covering physical and digital sales, invoicing and cash collecting for a large number of currencies.

Each team has a bespoke approach drawing on long established customer relationships. Our Key Accounts department will visit customers on a regular basis gaining deep understanding of their business, bespoke systems and future plans, anticipating any potential issues before they arise. Digital credit control is evolving fast, supported by a bespoke Customer Relationship Management IT system, which can validate and ingest self-bill invoices.

Claims Management

This area deals with the management of customer claims, including price/discount queries, shortages, damages and returns claims. Each claim is logged and processed using our bespoke Customer Relationship Management system with emphasis on quick resolution to aid timely collection of cash.

Debit Control

We dedicate a high level of resource to ensuring debit note deductions are swiftly investigated and actioned.

Sales Ledger

Cash posting of remittances and full account reconciliation is performed on a daily basis. In addition to the usual trade accounts we have direct to consumer, cash sales and schools ledgers. Standard credit control and query resolution is adapted to fit these unique ledgers

Credit Protection

PRHD’s unique credit limit and order release system allows publisher specific credit limits to be set for each customer.  This, together with the optional credit protection scheme, offers publishers real protection against bad debts and is fully backed up by a suite of monthly reports.