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Business Solutions

PRHD have developed a number of systems to support our clients’ day to day businesses. These systems have been developed to be easily integrated and to provide timely solutions.


A direct to consumer service is available where we offer the ability for publishers to FTP orders to us taken from their website and receive stock updates, automated dispatch confirmation and direct to consumer invoicing.

Schools/Further Education

Schools differ greatly from the usual trade customer. We have enhanced functionality to support their unique requirements in order processing and tracking.


If there is a requirement, PRHD are able to download into Vista digital sales made by third parties.

Automatic Stock Replenishment (ASR)

Similar to POD our systems can also handle ASR – sometimes also referred to as short run digital printing. Our systems generate orders to selected ASR printers ensuring stock is replenished by the predetermined quantity automatically in a timely manner.

Stock Reservation

Stock can be set aside and held for specific key customers, thus ensuring their orders are always fulfilled. Where standard stock is exhausted but there is reserved stock, the system prompts clients to review and if appropriate release this stock.

Only To Order (OTO)

OTO functionality to store orders, forward them to the publisher at pre-agreed intervals and track the stock deliveries when they are received.


Smartsale provides an effective method of placing orders by e-mail using spreadsheets to hold the order information. Orders are automatically processed and acknowledged. Various templates are available for use with many different order types e.g. Rep orders, Scaleouts etc.

Technology Service Desk

The Technology Service Desk provides a central point of contact for all users of the wide range of systems we offer. They are backed up by teams of technical and business specialists who provide help and support when required, using (ITIL) Industry best practice for IT Service Management.